The Spirit of Qatar

This five minute animated film is an origin story of Qatar and how one boy grew up to become a young scholar and then an iconic warrior. We infused emotion, passion and energy into a vibrant painterly animation that unfolds across his life’s journey.

This was a project that became a personal journey for the team, creatively & technically. We wrote the script, storyboarded, then designed the look and feel of the environments and the characters. We used motion capture to get the realistic motion of the characters and applied utmost care and diligence to the creature animation (horses, camels). It was all rendered in CG, and ultimately we intended to bring a painting canvas to life.

Behind the Scenes


Jason Mayo – Managing Director

Tierney Farrell – Senior Producer

Kait Johnson – Producer

Creative Director – Aron Baxter

Writer – Nick Moore

Storyboards – Wes Simpkins

Animation – Bonfire