Google Games

“Tip the Ship” is an interactive, two player game where opponents attempt to sink one another on the high seas. The game was powered by the NVIDIA GPU’s running in Google Cloud and was available to visitors to play at Google Cloud Next.

We were asked to create a fully CGI animated collection of game assets for an interactive demo called Tip the Ship.Designed environments included an ocean with ships and a series of attack battle sequences.We had 30 Days to produce 40 unique animations, each one based on the result of a chosen attack.In order to achieve such a tall order we worked directly with Google Cloud to configure a virtual team of GPU strong machines which we could essentially simulate & render on in realtime around the clock for the entire span of the project. Our pipeline was pivotal to making the deadline due to the hundreds of hours of computational time involved with fluid dynamics.

Our cloud pipeline allowed for remotely located animators to all work on the same scene and submit for processing in order to see fully integrated water and characters in a timely manner. Reviewing liquid simulations can typically take hours just to see a low resolution result when using local computers at a studio setting.

See the breakdown & other videos below.