Abu Dhabi TV

A series of spots for the Abu Dhabi Network showing iconic locations, recreated completely in CGI, in order to fit in the palm of one’s hands.

A project that features the magic that is Abu Dhabi, this creative was a stunning journey of the landmarks and sites that make up this great city. We worked for three months with up to fifteen artists all located throughout the U.S. under the supervision of visual effects supervisor Boaz Livny. In early 2015, director Jose Gomez traveled to AbuDhabi with crew to shoot an assortment of live action plates to be used for editorial and visual effects work. A custom built drone was supplied by the Switzerland based team Dedicam and was complete with pilot and a RED Epic. We then did extensive pre-viz work to determine the best flight path considering height, position, and angles to fly in order to obtain proper coverage for our CGI work back in New York.

We used its proprietary cloud based pipeline for managing all aspects of the visual effects work including – modeling, animation, matte painting, and final rendering. Our system allows The Brigade to collaborate with such a wide variety of highly skilled artists regardless of their location. Solid Angle makes Arnold, which was our preferred rendering solution for the project.

Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, Compositing, Real-flow